Church Street Preschool Yearly Calendar (2023-2024)



Friday, Aug 18th (3pm-7pm) Open House Parents visit the classroom for a tour and to pick up student packets. Only new parents are invited. No students please. Children will see the school on Visitation Day.



Fri, Aug 25th                                    Visitation Day for New Students

New children drop-in with a parent for 15-20 minutes (during their regularly scheduled class time) to meet teachers and explore the classroom.

AM Class: 8:30-11:30 PM Class: 12:00-3:00 2D Class: 8:30-11:30


Mon, Aug 28 – Fri, Sep 1st               Orientation Days for New Students (staggered start)

                                                         Each new child will be assigned 2 days to attend. (Assignments by email.)


Mon, Sept 4th                                  Labor Day – No school


Tues, Sept 5th  and Wed, Sept 6th   School begins for returning children


Fri, Nov 10th                                    Veterans Day Holiday – No school


Wed, Nov 22rd - Fri, Nov 24th          Thanksgiving Holidays – No school


Sat, Dec 16th – Wed, Jan 3rd            Christmas Holidays - School resumes on Wednesday, Jan 3rd


Mon, Jan 15th                                  Martin Luther King Day – No school


Mon, Jan 15th-Friday, Jan 19th        Parent teacher conference week. Times and days will be posted on dojo and the bulletin board at school     


Tues, Jan 16th                                  Regular school day for 2 Day children


Fri, March 29th  – Sun, April 7th       Easter Holidays (Spring Break)


Mon, May 20th                                Last day of regular class for 3 day students

Tues, May 21st                                 Last day of regular class for 2 day students


Wed, May 22nd                                Final Programs For 3 day students

§  AM Class 9:00am

§  PM Class 11:00am

Thur, May 23rd                                Final Program for 2 day students

§  2Day Class 9:00am





This month we're Studying


We have a theme based curriculum and use the best in children’s literature to enhance our themes.

                    MONTH                    THEME                                     LOFT                                         WATERTABLE                            TRAIN TABLE

                    September            color: red                                 baby nursery                            bathing a baby                         train

                                                    orientation                              playhouse

                                                    children of the world


                                                    letters:  m,s

                    October                  color:  orange                          Vet’s office                               tracks (sand)                             forest animals                         

                                 France                                      Teddy Bear Picnic                                                                                                           



                           bears / teddys

                           letters:  vowels and  n, t

November              color:  brown                           Grocery                                    bubbles (water)                        Nat. Am. village                                                                      

                                 United States                           Tepee                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                 Thanksgiving/harvest             Kitchen

                            Native Americans

                                 fruits / vegetables

                            letters:  c, d

December              color:  green                             Santa’s workshop                     soda bottle science                Polar Express Train

                            Mexico                                      Mrs. Santa’s kitchen                 (water)                                                                                                                                   

                                 Christmas in other lands                                                                                                                                                                                                      


                            letters: r, f

January                    color:  white                             Igloo                                        science lab (water)                   Inuit (Eskimo) village

                           Canada/Arctic                           Bird house


                            letters:  b, p, w

February                 color: pink                                  Under the sea                         marine life (rice)                       train

                             China and Japan                       Japanese tea room

                            marine life                                  Post Office


                            letters:  g, h,  j

March                      color: blue                                 Outer space                            paleontology (sand)                  dinosaurs

                           Italy                                             Laundry room




                           letters:  l, k, x

April                         color:  yellow                           African safari                          measuring cups/funnels           Africa

                            Africa                                          Gardening                                                (rice)


                            letters:  z, v, y, q

May                         color:  purple                            Barn                                         water park  (water)                        farm                        

                                Australia                                     Schoolroom



                           blends:  ch, sh, th, ing, ink                                                            


 School Closure Information

Sent out via automated phone system (if number provided)


You may call the school at 682-4979