Funding & Tuition


This is a non-profit, cooperative preschool. It is funded by the students’ fees and fundraising. Successful fundraising is the only way we are able to keep tuition low. We have a few optional fundraising events throughout the year and one required Spaghetti Dinner fundraising event scheduled in late April or early May. All proceeds are put to the school budget to help the school grow.

2022-23 Tuition Schedule

Three day program: $ 195.00/month

Two day program: $ 135.00 /month

Parents who wish to pay the full year’s tuition as one payment in September will receive a 5% discount.

3 Day discounted tuition: $ 1667.25 per year 2 Day discounted tuition: $ 1154.25.00 per year

Scholarships are available at the beginning of the year. Please inquire for further information.

Also, discounted monthly rates are also available for volunteers.

Full tuition must be paid each month, regardless of time missed for illness or vacation.

Tuition Envelope Procedures

Towards the end of each month you will find your tuition envelope in your child’s cubby. Please use this envelope for your cash or check. Make checks payable to Church Street Preschool. Then place the unsealed envelope in the tuition box in the classroom. If your check amount does not match your usual payment, please fill out a Volunteer Days Deduction slip and put it in the tuition envelope along with your payment. Please do not lose your child’s tuition envelope.


There will be a $10.00 late fee after the tenth of the month, increasing to $20.00 after the twentieth. If tuition is more than a month past due, parents will need to meet with the treasurer and director. There will be a $32.00 returned check fee in addition to the fee charged by the bank.